IP-MAC Scanner

IP-MAC Scanner 2.0

A quick solution to scan IPs and MAC addresses in your network

Any network administrator knows that trying to manage MAC and IP addresses in a LAN is not that easy without the help of special tools. IP-MAC Scanner is designed to help you out by offering an effective way of accomplishing this task.

IP-MAC Scanner is a tool that will scan your LAN, finding all IP addresses and their corresponding MAC addresses. This program can identify active IP addresses as well as inactive ones. It will allow you to search the network either by ARP or UDP ports.

With IP-MAC Scanner, you can create your own database, add detailed information about each entry on your list and ping or send messages to any IP address. Furthermore, I also appreciated that the program allows you to export the data that you have gathered to an Excel document.

One of the things that I really liked about IP-MAC Scanner is that it is truly a multi-functional tool. This program offers remote control capabilities, letting you operate the other PCs on your LAN, directly from your computer.

In my opinion, IP-MAC Scanner is a reliable application that can be very useful in a lot of different ways. This program is versatile and easy to operate, so it's definitely worth its price.

Sean O'Reilly
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Review summary


  • Helps you manage and organize an entire database containing MAC and IP addresses
  • Lets you send messages to other computers in your LAN
  • Helps you remote control other PCs
  • Allows you to export the results to an Excel document


  • I couldn't find any disadvantages
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